Register for rehousing

To apply for a City South home you need to register for rehousing with Manchester Move.

This online service advertises all rental properties available from not-for-profit landlords across Manchester, including Manchester City Council and other housing association like City South.

Manchester Move also offers advice about swapping your home, private renting and low cost home ownership. Waiting lists can be very long for social rented properties so other housing options may be worth considering.

Manchester Move is a 'choice-based letting' system. That means it's about you choosing a home and applying for it yourself, rather than just sitting on a waiting list. You can choose to look for a City South property only, or one from any or all of the housing providers who advertise homes on Manchester Move.

To register for rehousing go to and fill in the online application form.

Click here for information about how our homes are allocated

Click here for information about other housing options available

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