Anti-social behaviour & crime

City South believes that all our tenants have the right to live peacefully in their home and wider neighbourhood. Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is anything that makes you feel upset, annoyed or distressed, preventing you from enjoying your home in peace.

Common forms of ASB include:

  • loud music or television
  • nuisance from pets 
  • abusive or foul language 
  • youth nuisance
  • drug and alcohol related nuisance
  • damage to property
  • use of premises for illegal purposes
  • use or threatened use of violence
  • domestic violence
  • hate crimes
  • intimidation and harassment 
  • vandalism and graffiti

How do I report ASB?

If you feel like you are in immediate danger or you are being threatened with physical violence or abuse dial 999 and ask for the Police.

If you are not in immediate danger let us know about the ASB as soon as possible.

Report anti-social behaviour using our online form or contact us.  

You can report ASB carried out by visitors to a property – not just those who live there.