Tenants / residents associations

A residents' group - or tenants' association - is an organisation independent of City South formed by local people. It is run by volunteers and must be open to everyone who lives in the area it covers.

We can provide small grants to formal resident associations and try to support community groups in their work by providing materials or other support. Below is a list of recognised tenants' and residents' groups in the City South area. If there isn't a group near you, why not start one?

Fallowfield Tenants' & Residents' Association

Aquarius Tenants' Association
Bentley House Tenants' & Residents' Association
Hornchurch Homes Tenants' & Residents' Association
Monton Street  Tenants' Association

If you want to get involved or find out more fill in our online form or contact Phil Lukes at phillip.lukes@citysouthmanchester.co.uk or on 0800 840 1444.

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